What to pack for your Winter getaway

I’ve been standing in wet fields for many years now and love a winter getaway (I recently stayed in a geodesic domes by a lake in Canada ….. in October …. )

I thought it may be useful to share some of my learned-the-hard-way packing tips for a winter escape to a cabin.


Slippers – extra points for non slip soles for the ladders in the cabins – check out The Small Home for gorgeous slippers!

Layers for lounging – absolute best is a pair of pure silk PJ’s (I have a pair made from recycled sari fabric) with a fleecey layer over – bliss!

Beanie …. The cabins have wonderful wood burning stoves – if you are used to these you will be able to ‘bank up’ for the night but otherwise pop a beanie on before you go to sleep to keep you toasty all night long – it makes a big difference.


Wellies – boot removers are provided in the Tiny Homes!

Waterproof jacket


We are right next to a forest – PERFECT for winter walks but be prepared!

Do you have a camping blanket? Bring it – perfect for star-gazing


Torch – if you arrive in the dark – we are in a dark skies spot so outside lighting is minimal.

Binoculars – amazing wildlife , especially birds / birds of prey

If you have booked our SPA – bring flip flops


Order brekkie!

I would suggest nesting on your first night …. Bring a shepherds pie – your oven is full sized.

Nice bottle of red?

Marshmallows for toasting

See our suggestions online for local places to eat and buy food. The Island has a wonderful food scene.

Food for the soul

Bring Books / kindles

Learn a new craft (whittling / knitting / sketchbook journaling)

NO wifi in the cabins ….. enjoy a Netflix detox! (wifi available on site don’t worry)

Top Tip – read all the details provided before you come!

Plan of action

On arrival – get your stove lit!

Even before unpacking out of the car – get that stove lit (not familiar with woodburning stoves? Check our online video provided by Charnwood who make all our stoves)

The cabins are extremely well insulated and heat up quickly once your stove is ablaze.

Most important thing


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