Eco Policy

Environmental Policy

Tiny Homes Holidays was founded on a desire to create a slower and more mindful holiday experience.

Tiny Homes recognises that it has a responsibility to the environment beyond legal requirements.  Environmental impact was of the utmost importance when designing each tiny home.  Measures such as solar panels, eco toilets, log burners and reed bed filtration plus environmentally  sustainable insulation methods were included to make the tiny homes as energy efficient as possible, whilst still providing a comfortable stay.  Local materials were used where possible and where possible are recycled.

Monitoring and improving our environmental performance is a key part of our business strategy and we actively look for ways to do so.  Our staff are trained and committed to reducing our environmental impact and through our information packs we encourage guests to do the same.

  Energy and water:

·       We aim to use as little energy and water as possible

·       Lights and electrical goods are switched off when not in use

·       Log burners have been installed to provide efficient heat

·   Energy consumption and efficience of new products is taken into account when purchasing

·       Reed beds filter waste water

Maintenance and cleaning

·       Cleaning materials used are environmentally friendly

·       Cleaning materials are purchased in bulk

·       We only use appropriate means to dispose of waste

Guest Welfare:

·       Guests are advised to embrace off grid living and leave electricals at home

·       Guests are provided with washing up liquid and soap in refillable glass containers

·       Through our information packs we urge guests to use resources carefully

·       We re use washable dish cloths and wood & bristle scourers

·        We operate a plastic free policy

We are not perfect but we are trying very hard and constantly update our working practices to make improvements

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