Making of a Meadow

Meadow grasses

Watching the meadow spring to life and evolve through the summer is always an exciting time for us at Tiny Homes Holidays …. because we are never quite sure how it will grow.

Tiny Home in the meadow
Springtime when the meadow starts to grow

First the tall grasses appear and then the flowers emerge one by one almost with a mind of their own untamed and weather dependent we wait to see if the insects and land have done their jobs. Often taken by surprise when new species have grown.

Tiny Homes Holidays meadow
The Meadow in early summer

The meadow in the summer is the soul of our Tiny Home hamlet …  it creates a perfect backdrop for photos, hosts a wealth of nature, provides a relaxing vibe, creates its own musical sound thanks to the birds and the insects, and is visually stunning, fitting in effortlessly with our tiny homes. Encouraging wildflowers and an abundance of nature and creating an air of freedom and magic.

Meadow grasses
Meadow grasses

When summer comes to an end, we say goodbye to our meadow cutting it back and preventing it from becoming a thicket this ensures there’s space for flowers to shoot through in the following year.

Thanks to #teamtiny member Michelle Livingstone for this insightful piece on our meadow location.

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