Coming up Roses (well, Sweet Pea’s actually)

About those composting toilets……

One of the things we get asked about a lot is our composting toilets.

Why do we use them? The Aim of Tiny Homes Holidays is to be as “off grid” and self sufficient as we can.

Toilet flushing uses A LOT of water and energy – why add to that? All our grey water gets filtered into reed beds (each Tiny cabin has one) which naturally purify.

And … ummm, well there’s all that ‘compost’!

We use separator style toilets which means little or no smell if used properly. Full instructions are given.

Solid waste gets removed in a bucket (it is not a festival-style long drop situation – eek!) and can be serviced as often as guests would like and of course are sparkly clean for each guest.

After a couple of years it has all rotted down enough for us to use in the flower beds ……

I will just leave this here…..

So if you come and stay with us rest assured the composting toilets are fine and dandy … and all your contributions for the flower bed gratefully received!



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