Earth Day … bring your bike and you for free!

Earth Day 2018
Launched in American almost 50 years ago Earth Day is widely credited with kickstarting the modern environmental movement.Today more than 1 million people around the globe participate in Earth Day activities, bringing environmental issues to the forefront.dishbrush

Why such a thrilling picture?

The theme for Earth Day 2018 is ‘End Plastic Pollution’ a topic many of us feel strongly about.
Small changes can make a big difference.
The aim of Earth Day is to get more people taking small steps being mindful of the products you buy and re using and recycling all help to reduce the effects of this problem.


How we are trying to be plastic free
·We are already a listed station on the Refill App – we offer free water bottle refills at our outside tap – hopefully this new App will get a lot of use and walkers to the forest will have somewhere to fill up for free.

·Washing up liquid supplied to guests in glass bottles that we refill from large order.
·No plastic pan scourers or sponges – we have sourced wooden brushes with replaceable heads and cotton cloths – aiming to get some hand knitted ones made as well as buying

·No bin liners.

·We are supplying compostable bin liners for bathroom bins and food waste that will be sorted and added to our compost toilet bins.

·We do not supply toiletries – we offer a small basket with essentials that guests are invited to use if they have forgotten to bring anything – information is sent prior to arrival requesting guests to bring their own (as chemical free as possible because of our reed beds)

·Welcome cakes supplied in tins rather than plastic boxes

We have an offer for you!
Book a stay in either Tiny Home Silva or Hygge this weekend and we will pay for you and your bike to come over on the ferry!
(2 guests per party and sailing times STA) 

Upcoming events
We do also have a wellness break happening this weekend (it’s all go here!) 
The bike and you offer also applies


Link to World Earth Day official